Thursday, March 12, 2009

What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

I was at work yesterday, and the television in the lounge was tuned to NESN. Charlie Moore Outdoors was on, and I stopped for a moment and watched a little bit of it. The guy has earned the nickname, "The Mad Fisherman." He's hyper, crazy and fun to watch.

But that wasn't what struck me the most.

I want to have a fishing show.

Not because I'm a really great fisherman. Not because I really like to fish. I mean, I do like to fish, but that isn't why I want to have a fishing show. I want to have a fishing show because it just seems like the world's easiest way to make a living. Sorry, Charlie, it just does.

How hard can it be? It's recreation for pay. Sometimes you might have to fish for eight or ten hours to get enough usable video. OK. I have fished for eight or ten hours for absolutely no pay. Sure, it's a long day, but it's fishing for goodness' sake! That isn't the same as working.

I'm not talking about the crew - they're working. The host is fishing and talking.

I'll bet he's got sponsors providing his equipment, too. Good gear, and he gets to travel to all sorts of different fishing spots to fish! That's the kind of business trip I could really get into.

Summing up: Quality equipment for free, travel, a certain level of fame, pay, and fishing.

That's why I want my own fishing show.

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  1. everything ok in your neck of the woods Tony? It's been a while since a new blog......miss you!