Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's hard to feel good about a 3:30 AM telephone call. They're rarely very pleasant. Sometimes they're wrong numbers. I don't usually get angry about misdials, but I do think that if you're dialing a phone number in the wee hours, you should use all the care you possibly can.
Sometimes these calls are the result of drunk dialing. Usually, when somebody gets drunk and calls a friend, unless they're asking for a ride that will keep them from getting behind the wheel (all too rare), it's something that could wait. At least until morning. Frequently until the Second Coming. I have rarely said anything while drunk that I wanted to remember for posterity. I have often said things while drunk that I would like to remember so that I can get the apology right.
3:30 AM telephone calls often bring bad news. At work, I first on the alarm company's call list. If any of the alarms go off, I get the call. Motion sensor? I get out of bed, and drag myself to the restaurant. I get called when the coolers get too warm. I got a call that told me that there was a power outage at the restaurant (it took a lot of strength to keep from sarcasm then: "Thanks for waking me up. I'll bring some right down.").
Then there are the really bad news calls. The ones that tell you that something bad has happened to a friend or a family member. I haven't had any of those, but I worry about getting them.
This morning, at 3:30 AM, I did get a phone call, but it wasn't a bad news call, a wrong number or a drunk dial. It was my oldest daughter, calling to tell me that she's in labor. I liked getting that call. Now, though, it's more than seven and a half hours later, and I haven't yet received the follow-up call. I'll keep on waiting....


  1. So, does this mean we can call you "gramps"? How's your mom feel about being a great-grandmother?

  2. Actually, Joe, my FIRST (Oy) granddaughter calls me "Papa." Mom's OK with the whole thing - she will have been a great-grandmother for three years in May.