Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's my Mom's birthday, and I think that everybody should know about it.
  • Because when I was younger and did stupid stuff, she scolded me, or punished me when it was appropriate and she loved me.
  • Because she let me choose dinner on my birthday.
  • Because she hugged me when my heart broke.
  • Because she kept the cookbook that my second grade class (with Mrs. Frinsko) made until I was in my forties.
  • Because when I was older and did stupid stuff she scolded me, or sympathized with me and she loved me.
  • Because she likes the foods that I cook, which puts her a step ahead of my children.
  • Because now that I'm an adult and I do stupid stuff, she sympathizes, and she loves me, and she hugs me when my heart breaks.
  • Because she had six of us and still she tells us that we can visit her and Dad in Florida and stay at their place - even with the kids.
  • Because she hugs my kids when their hearts break.
  • Because she knew the difference between stupid stuff and a mistake - most of the time.
  • Because she loves me.
So, Happy Birthday, Mom!

If you want to send my Mom birthday wishes, comment on this post. I'll make sure she sees them.


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs F! Don't think for a minute that I have forgotten the guidance and parenting you showed us ALL as we grew up (if indeed I have grown up)! I hope life is good and pray God is blessing you!

    John Bickford

  2. Happy Birthday, Aunt Fran! Hope you are enjoying the weather here in sunny Florida.